I hear you competely. I am 51 and my daughter 4, my mother had me late too, and then my sister. I was sad to lose her so young in life, she never knew my daughter, but we were everything to her, and I understand that, now I am a mum. She travelled the world before us (quite something for a woman in those days!) and so did I before having Loren.

The difference is my husband is some years older, has 2 grown kids, and acts like a grandpa often, and has the energy and patience of one! I often think it would be easier to have a younger husband to do more energetic things together, as I've always had tons of energy.

Until I became a mum in my late 40s! Now I ache all over, need naps, have health niggles that I never had before (nothing too serious) and generally feel like having a baby late aged me a decade.

My daughter adores me though, and I her, and she is happy.

She'll lose her mum earlier than ideally, probably, but if she is like me, she'll think "I'd rather be on this earth than not, now I just have to take what I've been given, and make the best". That's all any of us can do. She doesn't want for love from her parents, that's for sure, and surely that's what counts?


Top writer in Parenting. Multi-lingual traveller, writer, learner, teacher. Raising my little girl in Cuba and Europe and cannot wait to show her the world.

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